Welcome to Doc Antle's African Safari

Welcome to Doc Antle's African Safari 2024
(10 Days)

We're happy you are considering traveling to Africa with the staff from the Myrtle Beach Safari. Africa is a large continent and the choices for a safari may seem overwhelming. The benefit of traveling with us is that we take the guess work out of where to go and we take care of all the little details to make your African adventure worry free. It's little wonder that nearly half of our guests are repeat customers.

This exclusive trip will take you into the heart of the South African wilderness, to the world's number one rated wildlife viewing destination. The adventure truly begins when we depart Johannesburg in a small aircraft and land at Skukuza airstrip, deep in the middle of the African bush veldt. Each day we will experience the thrill of seeing Africa's big game animals in their natural habitat. Being in one of Earth's last truly wild places, we will glimpse what the wild world must have been like during prehistoric times. The phenomenal game viewing we will have is only equaled by the 5-star accommodations and dining that await us back at our riverside camp.

A primary goal with the Myrtle Beach Safari, and our non-profit conservation organization, Rare Species Fund, is to educate the public about wildlife and to use the funding derived from our endeavors to help save that wildlife. This safari fits directly into that plan. You will gain valuable insight into the wildlife you will see as you are led on safari by biologist and conservationist, Dr. Robert Johnson. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from this trip go directly to various conservation projects within southern Africa, including supplying equipment to the area's rhino anti-poaching rangers.

We work closely with the local tribespeople, the Shangan. Not only will you interact daily with these kind and accommodating people, your participation in this safari directly helps their community. Your visit helps provide jobs and a source of income for individuals and funding for community projects. In addition, for each guest that travels with Doc Antle's African Safari, we sponsor all school fees for one local child for a year.

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