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Doc Antle's African Safari
(10 Days)

We're happy you are considering traveling to Africa with the staff from the Myrtle Beach Safari. Africa is a large continent and the choices for a safari may seem overwhelming. The benefit of traveling with us is that we take the guess work out of where to go and we take care of all the little details to make your African adventure worry free. It's little wonder that nearly half of our guests are repeat customers.

The safari takes place in the north-eastern region of South Africa, in the province of Mpumalanga. Safaris take place once per year during mid-late November. This is the ideal time to visit because it is after winter and before the heavy rains of summer (remember, their seasons are opposite of the U.S.). Our destination is constantly counted as the world's top rated wildlife viewing destination by Conde Nast Traveler. We do not disclose the location because it is very exclusive and making reservations often takes us up to two years. Needless to say, the wildlife viewing is unparalleled. What other people see during their entire safari, we often see in one day and from very close proximity.

So what makes this safari so special? The preserve we visit is the largest and oldest "big five" game preserve in South Africa. It covers approximately 130 km². With a maximum of 46 guests on the property at any given time, we pretty much have the place to ourselves. Unlike the public national parks, we are not confined to staying on paved roads. We will drive off the road, through the river, under the trees and over the trees. Because there has been no hunting at the preserve for nearly 60 years and the only vehicles that traverse through the bush are a handful of Land Rovers (which do not interact with the animals), the animals at the preserve do not see the vehicles as anything outside of their natural habitat. This means that we can be in very close proximity without disturbing them. This of course equals exceptional viewing and photography opportunities. The second thing that makes the park so special is the 22 km of river running through the center. The constant source of water ensures that wildlife viewing will be exceptional during all seasons.

If you are looking for the ultimate opportunity to see the amazing wildlife that Africa has to offer, up close and in their natural habitat, then look no further. You will find less expensive ways to go on safari, but you will not find one that surpasses this amazing African experience.

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